Discipline of Authentic Movement

at The Barn in Seekonk, MA with Joan Webb and Paula Sager

 June 2, 2018  |  9:30am – 5:30pm



How does our practice as movers relate to what is happening in our personal lives, in our communities, and in our nation?

How does our development of witness consciousness serve us in our personal lives and in our roles as citizens?

How do we strengthen the voice of our inner witness? How do we cultivate our capacity to listen?

The Discipline of Authentic Movement will guide us into our own experiences of these questions.

Join us as we create ritual space for moving and witnessing as well as speaking and listening.


For those with Authentic Movement experience.

 Paula and Joan have studied the Discipline of Authentic Movement with Janet Adler since the early 1990’s, and are faculty members of Circles of Four post-graduate program. See www.disciplineofauthenticmovement.com for faculty bios and a full description of the program.


To inquire or register, please contact: paulasager@threestonestudio.org