Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a practice that is ideally suited for educators, performing artists, and anyone who is interested in an experiential understanding of how body and mind work together to facilitate learning and performance.

Through inter-active verbal cues, hands-on direction, and self-initiated awareness, individuals learn to experience a holistic sense of body while in stillness or activity. Energy flowing through and radiating from the body connects inner sensation with outer spatial awareness.  Simultaneous inner and outer awareness enhances one’s ability to be present in the moment while engaged inwork and life circumstances.

F. M. Alexander developed his technique over 100 years ago as a way to solve persistent vocal problems that threatened to end his acting career. He discovered that how he performed directly impacted his ability to perform. In the process of self-study and teaching others what he had discovered, Alexander created one of the most comprehensive Western approaches to understand the role of thinking during activity and movement.