Discipline of Authentic Movement

The Discipline of Authentic Movement offers a relational approach to the development of consciousness through the embodiment of two roles – mover and witness.  It is in the context of interpersonal relationship that the mover discovers the inner witness, deepening into an intrapersonal relationship with his or her own self awareness.

Moving and Witnessing

Opening to an emerging impulse, in the presence of a witness, the mover follows in movement or stillness the arising of his or her own experience.  The witness attends to his or her own experience while attentive to the journey of the mover through time and space.

Speaking and Listening

Mover and witness come together to speak about their respective experiences. The mover is invited to speak first, reflecting on the movement experience in his or her own way. The witness seeks to listen and speak with care and compassion. The practice of verbal sharing offers an opportunity to develop greater discernment and sensitivity to the power of language. 

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Circles of Four

a preparation for teachers of the Discipline of Authentic Movement.

Circles of Four is a post graduate program interested in teaching the Discipline of Authentic Movement.  For more information or to inquire about applying to the Circles of Four program click here